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I am a graduate from the University of North Texas School of Visual Arts and have loved photography as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a child, my grandfather would give me cameras for Christmas, and I was fascinated with them. I still have my beloved Polaroid from the 1980s. After spending seven years working at a fine art gallery in the Dallas Design District, I decided it was time to create my own path and start my own business. It is an adventure that I am excited and thankful to be on.

I believe that portrait sessions should be fun. I believe that pricing should be clear and simple and affordable. I am always happy to hear from you, to answer your questions or be open to your ideas. I love connecting with my clients on Facebook and keeping up with all of the growing children I have photographed. I know I am very lucky to say that I love my job.

As for my little family, Marty and I were married in the fall of 2008 and we live in Plano, Texas with our little dog, G. We like to support local farms and learn about sustainable living. I love meeting new people and sharing their special moments through the lens of my camera.